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Baby Seals Programs

Infant Survival

This 4-week program teaches Infants, six to twelve months, to roll over from a face down or submerged position onto their backs to relax, breathe, even when fully clothed in a winter outfit.
- 16 ten-minute private lessons, 4 days a week (Mo, Tu, We, Th)

- $95 one-time registration fee

$496 plus registration fee

Kinder Swim

In this 6-week program, Toddlers and children up to 8 years are taught the swim-float-swim- sequence. Students learn to swim full immersion to the steps or side, learn to flip onto their back, breathe, relax, regain strength and continue to swim to safety, even fully clothed.  This serves as the foundation for learning correct stroke technique. 

- 24 ten-minute private lessons, 4 days a week (Mo, Tu, We, Th)

- $95 one-time registration fee


$744 plus registration fee

“My 8 month old just started lessons a few days ago, and he's already able to float surprisingly well considering this is only his third lesson. Steffi is so wonderful with him - and all of the kids we've seen her with. She is so patient and calm, and cares about the safety of the children. She is providing an amazing service to the community by teach babies and kids how to survive if they accidentally fall into water. I could not be happier and more thankful for the skills she is teaching my son.” ~ Courtney M., San Luis Obispo
Aqua Babies (progression lessons)

After completing Infant Survival, "Aqua-Babies" is designed to promote safe water fun for skilled infants and toddlers. These classes maximize retention and allow parents and babies to practice the skills learned during private lessons, while they swim, float, sing and play together in the water. 10-minute class with or without parent participation.


$31 per lesson, once a week

Fun Days (progression lessons)

After completing Kinder Swim, "Fun-Days" is a once a week class for 2.5 to 8 year olds that is designed to enhance and improve our swimmer’s skill and confidence, while emphasizing the safety skills learned in private lessons. .


$31 per lesson, once a week

“My 5 year old had been through private lessons for the previous 3 summers but still was not comfortable in the water. Steffi pushes the kids but in the end, I think it teaches them that even though it may be tough, they can do whatever they want! My 18 month old is now very comfortable in the water and more important, I am comfortable with her around water.
This program gives your child, and you, a strong sense of comfort in the water. I highly recommend doing the Fundays/aqua babies after as you will see continuing growth and rewards.” ~ J D. Paso Robles
“It's the highlight of our week seeing her jump in the pool and swim around for that half hour and then climbing out of the pool and seeing her stick her arms in the air and yelling "I did it!  I did IT!!" Haha! It's so cute.”  ~ Clare K. Templeton
“While learning to be safe in water is critically important, I didn't realize what an impact this program would have on my son's confidence and self-esteem. My son has been diagnosed with a severe speech disorder, speech apraxia, that makes it difficult to understand him.  He is in intensive speech therapy and has made lots of progress. However, I see him struggle everyday with trying to get people to understand him.  When he is in the pool, however, that just floats away. ~ Tracy S. Pismo Beach
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